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Horseshoes and Cornhole games - "Lots Of Lovin" - Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin Rental

Horseshoe pit in Lots of Lovin' - Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin rental in the Smoky MountainsHorseshoes used to be one of my favorite pastimes. I have rarely played it over the recent years, but that is changing now that we made some horseshoe pits for the cabin. We stacked a few railroad ties in order to create the pit, tried to level the ground out, and added sand and the pin. I try to get over to the cabin occasionally to "groom" the sand in the pits because there seems to always be leaves falling in the pit. If you would like to clean the horseshoe pit by removing some of the leaves before or after you are playing I certainly wouldn't complain and we would appreciate your kind gesture. If you play during your stay at the cabin we hope you throw a lot of "ringers"!

We find cornhole (bean bag toss) to be a fun and competitive game so we thought we'd keep some boards at the cabin. Usually it's played for fun, but in case you want to be official about your game of cornhole, below are the official rules to the game from the American Cornhole Association. Yes indeed, there is an official Cornhole Association. That surprised me.

Box to hold horseshoes and bean bags in Lots Of Lovin' - Gatlinburg luxury cabin rental in the Smoky MountainsThe bean bags for the game and the horseshoes are located in the gray colored box with lid near the firepit. We built this box to keep them out of the elements and still keeping them conveniently located to the games. Please put them back in the box when you are finished. This enables them to not get lost and remain in good condition. If they are not put back in place by the end of your visit (and can't be found), the management company (Sugar Maple Cabins) may charge you to replace them.


Section A. Singles Or Doubles Play - Cornhole / Corn Toss can be played as doubles or singles. In doubles play two contestants are partners against another team of two contestants; in singles play a contestant competes against another contestant. In doubles play, one member of each team pitches from one cornhole platform and the other members pitch from the other cornhole platform. In singles play, both contestants pitch from the same cornhole platform. All other rules are basically the same for doubles or singles play. 

Section B. Innings - Every Cornhole / Corn Toss match is broken down into innings of play. During each inning of play each contestant must pitch all four corn bags. 

Section C. Value Of The Corn Bag - 

1. Corn Bag In-The-Hole - A corn bag in-the-hole (or Hole-In) is a corn bag which is thrown through the hole in the cornhole platform or otherwise comes to rest inside the cornhole platform (knocked in by another player or an act of God). A corn bag in-the-hole has a value of three points. 

2. Corn Bag In-The-Count - A corn bag that is not in-the-hole but lands with any portion of the corn bag resting on the cornhole platform is in-the-count. A corn bag in-the-count has a value of one point. For a corn bag to be in-the-count, it must not touch the ground or any other portion of the court prior to coming to rest on the cornhole platform. If a corn bag touches the ground before coming to rest on the cornhole platform, it is a foul and must be removed from the cornhole platform prior to the continuation of play. 

3. Corn Bag Out-Of-The-Count - A corn bag which comes to rest anywhere except in-the-count or in-the-hole is out-of-the-count and has no scoring value. A corn bag which is declared to be a foul is considered to be out-of-the-count (no matter where it comes to rest) and must be removed from the cornhole surface prior to the continuation of play. 

Section D. Delivery Of Corn Bags - 

1. In doubles play, the first side of contestants alternate pitching corn bags until they have thrown all four corn bags, then the remaining contestant (pitching from the other cornhole platform) continue to alternate in the same manner until all four corn bags are delivered and the inning completed. Delivery in singles play is handled in the same manner (but from the same platform) with each of the two contestants alternating their pitching of corn bags until all four corn bags have been pitched completing the inning. 

2. A contestant may deliver the corn bag from either the left or right pitchers box (see above) but, in any one inning, all corn bags must be delivered from the same pitcher’s box. A contestant shall pitch the entire tournament with the same hand or arm, except in the case of a medical emergency. 

3. Each individual contestant shall deliver the corn bag within 20 seconds. The time shall start when the contestant steps onto the pitcher’s box with the intention of pitching. 

Section E. Pitching Rotation During The Game - The contestant who scored in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning. If neither pitcher scores, the contestant who pitched second (last) in the preceding inning shall pitch first in the next inning. 

Section F. Position Of Contestants During Delivery - 

1. The pitcher must maintain constant contact with the designated pitcher’s box (See diagram above) during the entire address and release of the corn bag. The only exception is for junior and physically challenged contestants, who must simply remain completely behind the 21 ft. foul line when the corn bag is released. The opponent, while not pitching, shall stand behind the cornhole platform at least 2 feet to the rear of the contestant who is pitching. After a short distance contestant (junior or physically challenged) pitches first they must return to the cornhole platform if the opponent or any contestant on an adjacent court is a full distance pitcher. 

2. If both contestants use the same pitchers box to deliver their corn bags, the contestant pitching first should cross over to the other pitchers box in front of the cornhole platform and then move to the proper position. (see #1 above) As the first contestant is crossing in front the second contestant should be crossing over in back and mounting the pitchers box from the rear. If both contestants use opposite pitchers boxes, the contestant who pitches first should step directly back to the proper position described in #1 of this section. 

Section G. Foul Corn Bags - A foul corn bag is a corn bag which was delivered in non-compliance with one of the rules of the game. It scores as a corn bag out of the count and is to be removed from the Cornhole / Corn Toss court before any more corn bags are pitched. Corn bags already in the court that have been knocked into foul territory by a foul corn bag should be returned to the scoring area. Additionally, corn bags that are in the count, but are knocked into the hole by a foul corn bag must be returned to their original scoring position. 

1. The following are rule violations that must be spotted and called by an contestant or assigned judge. The penalty is to declare the corn bag a foul corn bag, which requires the corn bags to be removed from the court prior to resuming play. 

(a) Any corn bag pitched when the contestant has made contact with or crossed over the foul line before the corn bag is released. 

(b) Except as provided above, any corn bag pitched when the contestant has started or stepped completely outside the pitching box before releasing the corn bag. 

(c) Any corn bag not delivered within the twenty second time limit. 

(d) A corn bag pitched from a different pitchers box than the first corn bag. 

(e) Any corn bag that contacted the court or the ground before coming to rest on the cornhole platform. 

(f) Any corn bag which struck a previously defined object such as a tree limb, wire, indoor court ceiling, etc. 

(g) Any corn bag that leaves a contestant's hand once the final forward swing of the delivery process has started shall count as a pitched corn bag. A corn bag that is accidentally dropped by a contestant before the final forward swing has started shall not be considered foul and may be picked up and pitched. 

2. A contestant's corn bags shall be called foul if the contestant removes any corn bag before the scoring of that corn bag has been agreed upon. A judge shall be called if a decision cannot be reached. The judge shall determine the scoring for the inning. 

Section H. Protests - If a contestant desires to make a protest, the protest shall be made to the judge or tournament official at the time the problem occurs. The tournament judge shall make the final ruling on all protests.


Section A. Point Limits - The Cornhole / Corn Toss match shall be played until the first team of contestants reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the completion of an inning. The winning team does not need to win by two or more points. 

Section B. The Inning Must Be finished - The Cornhole / Corn Toss match can never end in the middle of an inning. Thus, if a team that pitches first reaches or exceeds 21 points, the game can not end until the other side is allowed to pitch all of their corn bags and the inning is completed. 

Section C. Ties At The End Of An Inning – If the Cornhole / Corn Toss match is tied at 21 or more at the end of an inning, play continues until one team or the other achieves a higher score at the end of an inning and wins the match. 

Section D. Skunks - The game shall be played to 21 unless a team scores 7 or more points at the end of an inning before their opponents score any points. It this case the game is a skunk and the team that scores 7 or more points wins the match.

We hope that you enjoy the games and outdoor space of our cabin. If you can think of something else to add that would be fun please let us know! We do our best to try and accomodate our guests as much as poosible.


  • Arcade Machine w/many games
  • Foosball table
  • Private hot tub
  • Fire pit with benches
  • Horseshoes
  • Cornhole boards/bean bag toss
  • Several flat screen TV's
  • Theater surround sound
  • Large DVD collection
  • Jacuzzi tub with stacked stone front
  • Custom travertine tile walk-in shower
  • Stacked stone fireplace
  • Kids play area w/chalkboard & TV
  • Wii gaming system
  • Blu-Ray & DVD player
  • High Definition Satellite TV
  • Custom Granite Kitchen Counters
  • Custom quartz vanity tops
  • Custom pine kitchen cabinetry
  • Master suite with rustic log furniture
  • Two full luxury bathrooms
  • Luxury furnishings throughout cabin
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Sleeps at least 4 (or use as honeymoon cabin)
  • Leather sleeper sofa
  • Laundry Room
  • Completely remodeled cabin
  • Private setting in woods
  • Wooded trail to a creek
  • Convenient location near Gatlinburg
  • Just minutes to Pigeon Forge
  • Very close to Arts & Crafts area

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Backyard with firepit, benches, horseshoes, and cornhole game - Lots of Lovin' - Luxury Gatlinburg Cabin Rental perfect for honeymoons. Custom walk in shower, arcade machine, hot tub, jacuzzi tub, firepit, and much more!Lots of Lovin' offers the ultimate in luxurious living in the Smoky Mountains. The Gatlinburg cabin available for rent features a large custom walk-in shower, Blu-Ray player, flat screen TV's, granite counters, custom cabinets, and an outdoor firepit! The cabin has a very private wooded feel with easy access to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge! This incredible property is just minutes to the Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts Community.

The Gatlinburg cabin, "Lots of Lovin" can be equally enjoyed as a honeymoon cabin or for a small family. The cabin even includes a kids playroom with chalk board, flat screen TV, and bean bag chairs for lots of fun!

Click the photos above to view more details and rent this spectacular mountain property! Please mention you found this property on my website if renting and you must mention the name of the cabin "Lots of Lovin"!


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Most photos of "Lots of Lovin" are from and taken by Dean Brown.
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